The Beauty of the Shadow (poem)

A peculiar caress ever so slightly falls upon my ear
as soft as a brush from the edge of a leaf that has fallen,
the melody of this proscribed whisper lures me in near.
Hopelessly desperate to cling to each pulse that I hear,

actively seeking the source with an undivided attention
while it pulls me into the depths of a nameless destination.
The presence echoes louder with a lust for comprehension,
coarsely grasping out from a secluded black dimension.

Drawn towards the delectable temptation of the unknown
I proceed with curiosity down a long nonsensical path,
and to my surprise with each and every stride I feel less alone,
leaving my mind to find peace and my fears overthrown.

A most unexpected sensation of warmth begins to ascend,
my descent into darkness parallels feelings of coming home,
contradictory to cliché tales meant to blindly condescend,
the true brightness of the shadow can now fully transcend.

Like a mysterious guardian angel here to be my grand guide
masked by eerie murmurs, clandestine eyes, or disfigured shapes,
this beautiful obscurity so long misunderstood and denied,
yet, regardless it remains an everlasting presence at my side.

The essence of the shadow securely embraces me each night,
just as it keeps the moon company when the light is out of sight,
and even when the sun is brilliant it escorts me without a fright,
so hand in hand I will seek to understand this alluring dark knight.




poem and photo credit @ Wayward Dame

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