Shattered (poem)

Their piercing eyes locked in a fierce glare,
tearing at her damaged soul and leaving her bare.
She stood with promise towards a marvelous future,
but was constantly held back by this hidden abuser.
Her emotions rampaged within her wavering mind,
fear, malice, and disgust all running intertwined.
Standing firm in her position while her courage grew,
she bitterly examined this person she once knew.
Consumed by negativity and a past of regret,
this revolting individual had become a real threat.
Stalking her every footstep like a chain to her heel,
draining and torturing her with lust and with zeal.
The darkness in her throbbing heart continued to spread,
her stomach firmly knotted with a feeling of dread.
Looking upon a face she no longer recognized,
a hideous creature there before her undisguised.
Understanding that this beast could no longer be tamed,
in order to survive, her life must be reclaimed.
For above all else she deeply desired a fresh start,
an opportunity to change and from this cage depart.
To free herself of this demon clinging to her back,
she began to prepare herself to fight back and attack.
Her right arm now extended, pointing straight ahead,
clenching in itsโ€™ fragile hand a loaded piece of lead.
This monster before her instantly responded in kind,
creating a grisly situation that no one could rewind.
Staring down the barrel brought a smile to her face,
regardless, win or lose, there will be an end to this race.
Tears rolled down her face as her grip tightened,
with a finger on the trigger she felt enlightened.
Determined to set a new course for her fate,
she squeezed the trigger and let go of all the hate.
With a bang and a crash, her knees hit the ground,
falling onto the shattered mirror that now lay all around.




poem and photo credit @ Wayward Dame

12 thoughts on “Shattered (poem)

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  1. Amazing depth and flow. We face the monsters within ourselves daily, they don’t live under the bed, they traverse through us like thought, they grow and evolve. Befriend the monster but beware of the claws we did not trim.

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