Rhyme (poem)

People have asked me many a time, why it is that my poems tend to rhyme. I reply, to create each line with a chime that forms an echo I find sublime.   Rhymes seem to always be in my head whether I am awake or asleep in by bed, forming the groundwork for what... Continue Reading →

To Err on the Side of Optimism (poem)

I reach for a light knowing that it is not there, like that of a star which has long since faded from existence yet still remains as a haunting presence up in the sky. Despite this grave paradox I do not despair, for the memory of this fallen star has shown persistence, ever reaching for... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of the Shadow (poem)

A peculiar caress ever so slightly falls upon my ear as soft as a brush from the edge of a leaf that has fallen, the melody of this proscribed whisper lures me in near. Hopelessly desperate to cling to each pulse that I hear, actively seeking the source with an undivided attention while it pulls... Continue Reading →

Travel Tips: Prague

1.) Taxis  Firstly, if you arrive at the airport there will be taxi desks located around the inside of airport. If you need a taxi be sure to stop here as they will arrange a taxi for you and will be able to provide you with a set price. While there will be taxis outside of... Continue Reading →

Shattered (poem)

Their piercing eyes locked in a fierce glare, tearing at her damaged soul and leaving her bare. She stood with promise towards a marvelous future, but was constantly held back by this hidden abuser. Her emotions rampaged within her wavering mind, fear, malice, and disgust all running intertwined. Standing firm in her position while her... Continue Reading →

Love Trials (poem)

Does a love that never existed truly ever die, to message and call without receiving much reply, while one side persisted the other never tried, spoken honestly and frankly to one who would only hide, but despite that a love resisted the temptress of ill fate, and continued to press forward, to take a leap... Continue Reading →

Range of Change (poem)

If there were a door and then three more, to find a way to create a new day, to choose between one cannot be undone, to see the future you may take, decisions, decisions, you must make. Whilst you lingered there astray they all slowly slipped away, but my child fret not for we fear... Continue Reading →

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